• Tensor Regulator A/T UTV Tire

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    Tensor Regulator A/T UTV Tire


    With steel belts on the inner and outer beads, 8-ply construction, and a nylon reinforcement layer, the Regulator is well protected against punctures and has increased load-bearing capacity.


    Derived from truck tire design, the Regulator features a wider footprint with an improved compound and aggressive tread pattern to enhance handling and braking in all conditions


    No matter the terrain, the Regulator has you covered with suggested PSI's for sand, rocks, and basic flat ground to ensure the best traction regardless of location.

    Tread Pattern

    Optimized variable pitch tread design delivers a smooth, quiet, and comfortable ride.

    Shoulder Lugs

    Deep tread lugs on the shoulder of the tire improve cornering traction in loose terrain such as gravel or sand.
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