• 2015 / 2016 Polaris RZR 900 Gates C12 Carbon CVT Drive Belt

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    All the engineering in Gates’ G Force C12 CVT Drive Belt is geared towards incredible strength, flexibility, and durability to create a belt that does everything well. With carbon tensile cords, specialized dual cog designs, and superior manufacturing techniques, Gates lives up to their goal. With Gates’ G-Force C12 CVT Drive Belt on your UTV or ATV, expect superior performance at a reasonable price.

  • Carbon tensile cord provides minimal stretch with outstanding strength
  • Neoprene, trapezoidal top notch and round bottom cog improve heat control and flexibility
  • Carbon cords and aramide fiber are bonded with proprietary adhesion gum for greatly increased side-load resistance and distortion prevention
  • Optimal power transmission for better acceleration, crisp throttle response, and consistent shifting